Tired of lifting the index finger? Annoyed at the Control Key? „Look Mom, No Hands!” lets you open contextual menus by just holding the mouse button, keeping your other hand free for the coffee cup.

It works on Mac OS X with any Mouse or TrackPad, so Left-handers (the only ones in their right minds, some say) no longer have to perform laptop contortions to get those control-click combinations.

Keyboard-free contextual magic. "Look Mom, No Hands!" works best in the Finder and Safari. Just click-and-hold a hyperlink in Safari and have it open in a new tab or window. Click-and-hold a Folder icon in the Finder to assign it a label or move it to the trash. Or click on a volume and select "Eject" from the menu.

Download and try it for free - enjoy :) (Currrent Version: 2.0b4)

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